Convey Services

Feature-rich and easy to manage portals to inform, educate  and engage audiences

Cloud Conventions

Virtual & Hybrid Events, Online Communities, Training,
365 Digital Engagement



Self-managed, budget-friendly platform for the small to medium sized business. 


InterAct LifeLine

 Improve recovery, reduce relapse, prevent substance misuse and serve a wider audience



Virtual environments don't have to be boring.  Offer a variety of immersive experiences, connections to community, and ways to tap into the collective wisdom of others.

Learn & Grow

Educate audiences with embedded broadcast video sessions, making sessions available on-demand, hosting a resource library and offering certification programs.

Create Community

Create an online community for audiences to share common interests with, reach out, and start a conversation or set a meeting.  Keep everyone connected.

Share Ideas

Jump into a discussion forum to share ideas, ask questions, or offer feedback.  There are many ways to have your voice heard in a portal environment.

Have Fun!

Create Fun Zones with online games, live streams, playlists, networking lounges, scavenger hunts and contests to brighten your day between sessions and content.

Pace Yourself

Don't have time to come to the live session?  No problem!  Explore on-demand sessions and content at your pace and on your schedule so you don't miss a thing.