Engagement Platform as a Service (EPaaS)

Digital engagement  portals offer a seamless and intuitive interface that enhances collaboration, knowledge sharing, and active participation. With our customizable features, interactive tools, and robust analytics, you can effortlessly deliver dynamic content, foster meaningful connections, and cultivate a vibrant online community. 
Our Mission

Deliver portal services
to keep audiences connected,
engaged and educated

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Convey Services

Provide Engagement Platforms as a Service (EPaaS) to enterprise and mid-market customers

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InterAct LifeLine

Help treatment programs serve clients and families through the Virtual Care platform

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Engagement Platform as a Service

Convey's EPaaS technology offers a feature rich environment to keep internal and external audiences connected and engaged or integrate EPaaS with an existing technology solution to offer enhanced capabilities and market differentiation.

Use Cases

EPaaS has capabilities that support a variety of use cases including education and training, creating online communities, managing webinars and events or engaging a hybrid workforce.

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Feature Rich

EPaaS has a complete feature set to manage and onboard members, organize and deliver content, offer live and on-demand video, outreach to its audiences, or connect portals together into a network.

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Enhance Existing Technologies

Integrate an EPaaS platform with an existing services such as a UCaaS or CCaaS platform to offer differentiation in the marketplace, reduce attrition and create new opportunities for incremental revenue.

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Improve Mental Health and Recovery
with Virtual Care

InterAct LifeLine delivers technology to treatment programs and organizations to offer virtual care and support services to their clients, families or communities.

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Prevent Overdose

LifeLine Connect™ will be the first mobile application to use wearables to detect potential overdose, alert emergency contacts and direct help.

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Taking on the Opioid Crisis

A turnkey technology for organizations launching opioid abatement programs to educate, support and connect their audiences to resources.

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Virtual Care for Programs

Customized solutions to offer extended care, family support programs or primary care for substance misuse, addiction or mental health treatment.

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