Our Mission

Deliver portal services that create virtual destinations to keep
audiences connected, engaged and educated.

Innovative Portal and Mobile Technology

InterAct LifeLine offers an integrated portal and mobile solution that delivers virtual care to offer digital connections to treatment, education, resources and support to reduce relapse, prevent overdose deaths and improve mental health and recovery.

LifeLine Connect™ is a mobile solution that utilizes data from smart watches and fitness trackers to detect leading indicators of overdose, alert others and send help.

Cloud Conventions provides a comprehensive portal solution to manage and deliver virtual or hybrid events, create online communities, educate audiences, and keep both internal and external audiences engaged. Venue is the self-managed, budget friendly platform for the small to medium business.

The first mobile app to detect overdose, alert others and direct help

LifeLine Connect pairs smartwatches or fitness trackers with a mobile app to collect data. If vital signs fall below safe levels, this may be an indicator of a potential overdose. LifeLine then notifies individuals on the alert list. If emergency help is needed, the mobile app geolocates the individual and directs help.

Virtual Care for treatment programs and automated opioid abatement programs 

InterAct LifeLine addresses the opioid crisis and increasing rates of overdose deaths by providing organizations the ability to leverage technology to keep individuals connected to treatment, online communities, recovery and wellness education and support. We help parents prevent the onset of substance misuse.

InterAct LifeLine

Portal Networks Updated from the Hub Site

Technology providers subscribe to Convey Channel to update channel sellers through portals owned by telecom service brokers. Carriers and vendors subscribe to Convey Insurance to update producers in the property and casualty industry. Convey's technology creates portal networks of sites created from templates that are connected to a hub site for a continuous feed of content, video on demand, vendor advertising and more.