Mission & Purpose

Convey's portal technology powers virtual events and engagement platforms, delivers content to industry groups, and offer education and remote patient monitoring for addiction and mental health.

Engage Audiences with Cloud Conventions

Cloud Conventions is a technology service that provides an all-in one solution to manage and deliver virtual events or add a digital strategy to a live event.  Cloud Conventions platforms are used year-round to host multiple events, create connected communities, educate an audience, and keep both internal and external audiences engaged.

Cloud Conventions

Connect to Agents and Producers with Convey Channel & Convey Insurance

Providers subscribe to Convey Channel to update sellers that work with master agents in the telecommunications & cloud industry and to Convey Insurance to connect to producers in the property and casualty industry.  Providers and carriers receive a customized & branded resource center on a hub site where they add product literature, battle cards, business incentives, case studies, webinar invites, or videos and update the network of master agent portals instantly.

Convey Channel

Convey Insurance

Remote Patient Monitoring for Addiction & Mental Health

InterAct's  turnkey technology helps programs keep people connected to treatment after being discharged from a facility, engaged with support communities and connected to their families to improve recovery and reduce relapse.

InterAct LifeLine