Mission & Purpose

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Convey delivers the right message, at the right time, to the right audience through its portal technology.

What Convey Can Do for You

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Convey Saves Time

We save time for employees, customers, and partners by consolidating information in a single online location.

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Convey Reduces Cost

We help organizations get more done with less staff through automation and efficiency.

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We Accelerate Revenue

We expedite the ability  to generate revenue by using the promotional and marketing assets of the portal technology and network.

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Keep You Top of Mindshare

We keep vendors top of mindshare with independent sellers of their products and services.

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Expedite Content Delivery

We expedite delivery of content, marketing & training from a centralized portal to many portals.

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Create Efficiencies

We improve operational efficiencies  by automating the management of channel programs and their partners.