Convey Services

Maximize Engagement for Customers, Prospects, and Employees through the unique EPaaS service

Introducing Convey EPaaS
Engagement Platform as a Service

The technology is ideally suited for companies interested in adding additional services to their product suite to:

  • Use as a framework to embed or integrate with AI solutions.
  • Expand marketing automation solutions
  • Add employee engagement to a human resources product suite
  • Deliver higher quality sales leads by expanding sales enablement services
  • Enhance revenue opportunities for virtual and hybrid events
  • Improve franchisee and dealer networks
  • Power online communities
  • Leverage portal networks to distribute training, education and content
  • Enhance channel partner sales and distribution engagement



Video created with AI technology and embedded on the platform

AI-Ready Platform for Digital Engagement • Content Hosting 
Live & On-Demand Training/Certification • Online Communities • Event Management
Marketing Automation • Employee Engagement • Sales Enablement • Channel Management

Enhance Services

The versatility of the EPaaS Solution enables an organization to purpose the platform to meet a variety of business use cases by integrating EPaaS to an existing service offering.

Capabilities & Design

The features and capabilities of the platform manages members, delivers education, holds live sessions, manages video on demand, elevates your brand with custom design and communicates with audiences.

AI-Ready Technology

EPaaS Solutions are capable of effectively leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities with the necessary infrastructure to embed or integrate with AI applications and data to harness the power of AI for automation, data analysis, and decision-making.

Proprietary Capability

Hub & Spoke™ is a part of the EPaaS Solution's intellectual property generating portals from templates for consistent design, organization and features, then connecting the spoke portals to a centralized hub site for distribution of training, advertising, content or digital assets, collecting analytics on the hub.