Platform Features

EPaaS Features

EPaaS platforms come fully configured with all the features you need
Brand & Customize

Use the page editor to customize the homepage, catalogs, web pages and dashboards.  Add banners, text & graphics, directories and more.  Brand the platform by adding custom colors, font styles and logos.

Onboard & Manage Members

Setup fields in the CRM, manage member data, reset passwords, add notes to records or upload files. Use the built-in application to add members or the API to connect EPaaS to an external system to add and manage member data.

Email Outreach

Send automated site messages, emails or newsletters to individual members or the entire group with detailed tracking of email performance.

Add & Manage Content

Organize content into catalog and create content posts by uploading files that can be downloaded or shared or by using the text editor.  Segment who can see content. Distribute content automatically through the Hub and Spoke network.

Manage Events

Create live sessions, allow people to register and automate adding the event to their calendars.  Setup event types to match your use case. EPaaS manages a simple webinar or a complex multi-day virtual or hybrid event.

Detailed Analytics

All interaction in an EPaaS portal are tracked and organized into reports. Reports show member activity, email delivery, form submissions, or participation in live and on-demand videos.  Reports can be customized and downloaded.

Community Features

Setup the member directory for individuals to find each other and use chat messaging to open a conversation.  Add a discussion forum for idea exchange.


Use your Zoom or Teams licenses to deliver live webinars, telehealth sessions or educational classes.  Upload videos for on-demand and then track how individuals view them.


Use the member management and single sign on API to connect EPaaS to an external system to manage and onboard members. EPaaS is integrated with a number of external platforms.


Setup gamification to award members points for scavenger hunts or other activities to encourage engagement.  Points are automatically displayed in their member dashboards.

Embed Code

Embed external applications that will display as an i-frame inside of the portal.  Add embed code to the portal header or footer for tracking or custom graphics.

Hub and Spoke

Create a portal network for automated updates of digital assets that are organized on a hub site and delivered to selected spoke portals connected to the hub.