Our Programs

Channel Programs

Convey enables revenue producers that manage a portfolio of multiple suppliers to get the vital information they need to drive revenue and become a trusted advisor for their customers.

Convey provides distributors, dealers or master agencies with a single online location for all supplier product information, promotions and spiffs, training and webinar events. Sites create calls to action, allow revenue producers to connect directly with suppliers, and help sales customize how they view and consume content. Reports analyze how content is being engaged with allowing the distributors and suppliers to adjust their strategies.

Platform as a Profit Center (PaaPC™)

Convey Platform as a Profit Center™(PaaPC) solutions generate revenue from supplier subscriptions, membership fees, advertising revenue, and ecommerce transactions.

Distributors, dealers and master agents charge their suppliers subscription fees to maintain online catalogs to distribute content, create calls to action and engage their revenue producers. Non-profits, associations and member organizations generate revenue from membership fees and vendor promotion and advertising.

All PaaPC solutions have a robust and customizable ecommerce engine to manage payment, track revenue, and distribute payment

Cloud Conventions

Cloud Conventions are virtual expos or trade shows managed entirely on the Convey platform technology. Unlike traditional trade shows, a Cloud Convention is easy and inexpensive to manage, can run for any length of time, can be attended 24 X 7 and requires no travel.

A Cloud Conventions site comes complete with a registration platform, ecommerce engine to take fees, virtual booths for exhibitors, calendars to display the agenda and session schedule, and virtual meeting rooms. A Cloud Convention can offer giveaways and promotions, highlight a keynote address, and hold vendor literature and videos.