Align Partner Portal

The Partner Relationship Management System

Align, powered by Convey, is the online Partner Resource and Marketing Portal designed to inform, educate, and engage partners helping them market and sell your services to prospects & customers

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Single Sign-On
Integrate quoting and administrative portals with Align, providing partners with the convenience of single sign-on.

Update and Engage All Partners
Deliver content to the 45 master agent portals that Convey manages or engage any partner when they login to the portal to explore your content.

Capture Partner Mindshare
The automated messaging engine reminds partners to log in, look at new content, explore promotions & spiffs, take training and attend webinars. Keep your company at the top of the list when partners recommend services.

Help Partners Market to Their Customers with Conduct™
All Align portals are integrated with Conduct, the email campaign technology that allows you to create campaigns and let partners run them automatically.

Track & Analyze Partner Behavior
Reports detail who logs in, what they look at, and where they go on the site. Send automated emails to remind partners to log in and explore what's new on the site. Track behavior and adjust your approach.

Manage with a Small Staff
Align is automated and manages applications, delivers messages, sends out reminders and more. The staff you have can easily run the program and save time in managing their marketing processes.

Reduce Cost and Increase Revenue
Align is a fraction of the cost of traditional partner portals and much more comprehensive in its capabilities. Reduce marketing spend and increase the results.


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