About InterAct

Keeping Connected to a Therapeutic Community

InterAct LifeLine helps programs extend treatment to their clients long after their discharge from rehab or in-patient treatment.  Programs have customized portals that are connected to the Recovery Content Hub to provide a continuous stream of content and information.  Clients and their families login to the program portal to attend support group meetings, connect directly with counselors and therapists, manage daily schedules and receive reminders, and stay connected to an online community of individuals that share common goals.

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Collegiate Recovery

InterAct provides collegiate recovery with a complete program to automate their processes, direct student activities, educate their audiences and help raise their profile to attract others to help fund their programs. Collegiate recovery programs receive branded and customized portals populated with a continuous flow of content to educate students, their families and the community about addiction and recovery, wellness strategies, and preparation to craft a career and independent life after college. Portals organize student data, automate member management, deliver messages, have discussion forums and organize event calendars.

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Treatment Programs

InterAct provides mobile and online technologies for treatment programs to keep clients and families connected longer. The program offers wellness education to promote recovery, provides structure and accountability to reduce client relapse rates and improve recovery outcomes and delivers family support through online education, discussion forums, and connection to support groups. The mobile platform communicates to program participants, tracks compliance with the recovery plan, offers a telehealth connection to treatment professionals and alerts others when there are issues that need addressing.

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Prevention Programs

SafetyNet™ provides parents an educational experience to elevate their understanding about the disease of addiction, the risk factors for their children and strategies to prevent substance abuse. Parents have opportunities to connect with each other in discussion forums, virtual support groups, and online educational classes. The mobile app is customized with the adolescent’s schedule and prompts them to check in to locations, ensuring that they are where they are supposed to be. Biometric testing provides results through Bluetooth and delivers them to the mobile platform to report on alcohol levels and blood-oxygen levels that may indicate potential overdose risk.