InterAct's Mission

Leverage technology to improve recovery, reduce relapse and prevent substance misuse

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InterAct LifeLine addresses the opioid crisis and increasing rates of overdose deaths by leveraging technology to keep individuals connected to treatment, online communities, recovery and wellness education and support.  We help parents prevent the onset of substance misuse.

LifeLine Connect

LifeLine Connect is a prevention program designed to reduce overdose deaths by leveraging mobile and wearable technology to monitor vitals, detect problems, alert loved  ones and direct help.  Our prevention strategies include raising awareness of the dangers of experimentation, of fentanyl and other illegal drugs and how to make the best choices to maintain health and wellness.

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Addressing the Opioid Crisis

We offer a technology solution to support federal, state and local efforts to fight the opioid crisis. InterAct's turnkey technology program allows organizations to serve a greater number of people keeping them connected to support and resources and tailoring those resource to meet the needs of their specific communities. The technology informs and educates its audience on wellness strategies to maintain recovery, connects individuals to online support communities, offers Telehealth services and creates accountability with outreach and monitoring.

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Prevention Programs

SafetyNet provides parents an educational experience to elevate their understanding about the disease of addiction, the risk factors for their children and strategies to prevent substance misuse. Parents connect with each other in discussion forums, online support groups, and educational classes. The mobile app is customized with the adolescent’s schedule prompting them to check in to locations to ensure that they are where they are supposed to be. 

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Aftercare for Treatment Programs

The InterAct solution provides treatment programs more options to keep clients and families connected after initial rehab treatment.  The program offers wellness education to promote recovery, provides structure and accountability, delivers family support through online education, discussion forums, and connection to support groups. The platform communicates to program participants, tracks compliance with the recovery plan, offers a Telehealth connection to treatment professionals.  The system alerts others when there are issues that need to be addressed

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Collegiate Recovery

InterAct provides collegiate recovery with a complete program to automate their processes, direct student activities, educate their audiences and help raise their profile to attract others to help fund their programs. Collegiate recovery programs receive branded and customized portals populated with a continuous flow of content to educate students, their families and the community about addiction and recovery, wellness strategies, and preparation to craft a career and independent life after college. Portals organize student data, automate member management, deliver messages, have discussion forums and organize event calendars.