Event Managers

Add Virtual Events to Your Portfolio

Cloud Conventions is an automated platform that manages everything needed to execute a flawless virtual event, trade show or conference. Unlike other platforms that are designed primarily for simple webinars or streamed single events, Cloud Conventions creates a rich, interactive environment for attendees, a multi-faceted way to promote vendors and sponsors, and complete management for sessions, speakers and keynotes. Cloud Conventions manages both a single or multi-day event.

Fully Automated

Automation is key to managing a successful and low-stress conference or show. Cloud Conventions automates session management with 1-touch registration, attendee calendars, and session reminders. The database is customized to hold information about exhibitors, attendees or portal users and send automated notifications. A sophisticated email engine schedules custom messages and newsletters or automated site notifications.

Easy Exhibitor Onboarding

Use virtual booth templates to structure the booth by sponsorship level and let exhibitors “plug and play” the booth elements where they belong. Virtual booth owners log in to manage their environment, reference tutorials embedded in the booth, and have access to optional training videos and materials. The system tracks exhibitor logins and content posts to ensure the booth is fully ready for the show.

Integrated with the Top 3 Conferencing Providers

Unlike other platforms that are tied to a single conferencing solution, Cloud Conventions is conferencing neutral allowing the event manager to match the session design with the right conferencing technology to fit the audience and speaker needs. Use an informal service like Zoom for small meetings or social events or scale up with a fully managed streaming service for a formal keynote. Or use the Cloud Conventions built-in meeting and webinar technology.

Rich Content & Graphics

Cloud Conventions has its roots in content hosting, management, and delivery. The platform takes any form of uploaded content files, displays them on the portal or inside the virtual booth and allows optional downloading and sharing. Opportunities exist throughout the platform for advertising placements, videos, graphics and ways to customize the home page, exhibit hall and other event areas.

Use our Expertise

The Cloud Conventions platform is designed for the non-technical user and has tutorials throughout the platform. Convey is available to provide full training and support for the event manager and can offer best practices for the event manager to train session leaders, exhibitors and sponsors. Convey can deliver a fully managed event or take a back seat and allow the event company to take control.

Price Per Event or Annual License

Convey has flexible options that for pricing based on a specific event, a series of events, or as a licensing option. For event-specific pricing, the process is to get the event specifications, compare it against our packaged pricing and evaluate any additional services needed. Receive our pricing and present your pricing strategy to the customer. Licensing options are available for organizations that want to use our technology as part of their overall virtual event strategy.