Portal Features

Convey portals come packed with features to customize and brand the portal, configure the options, onboard and manage members, run reports, and link portals together into a network.  Explore all the portal features or take a look at a specific feature category.

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Manage users, members, catalogs, and prospects and run reports.  CRM data is used to segment messages, create custom dashboards, and custom reports.
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Catalogs may be managed from a hub portal or added and managed on spoke sites. Catalogs contain content, banners, pages, and contact information.
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Conduct is unique drip email marketing email service for portal members.  Campaigns come complete with 4 outbound emails & a sign-up page. Conduct has a contact manager.
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Home  Page

The portal home page is  customized by adding backgrounds, headers, logos, pages, directories, calendars, and sections. The home page has  search and navigation.
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Member features include custom dashboards, automated applications, Conduct email marketing, discussion forums, personal calendars and activity tracking.
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Message Library

Portals have email messages that are delivered from the site to alert a member or administrator about a site activity or to engage the member audience with a custom message or newsletter.
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Reports analyze activity on the portal or pull data from the member, catalog or user databases. Portals come with standard reports that can be customized and saved.
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Site Options

 Make a site public or private, add embed code to track site performance, add quick facts to catalog headers, manage social sharing options and change site vocabulary terms
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