Associations & Non-Profits

Convey Portals streamline how Associations and Nonprofits manage their relationships.

Non-profits and associations use Convey portals to manage members, provide content, offer training, increase member engagement, and generate revenue from sponsorships and advertising.

Associations helping people

manage members

Manage Members

The member CRM holds data on each individual member. Members can update their profile adding that data into the CRM. Add notes on action items and assign tasks. The member API connects the portal to other applications for a single-sign-on experience.

offer training

Offer Training

Add training webinars, promote them and register individuals. Record the trainings for future reference. Add training content, track individuals that access it, and deliver quizzes to assess comprehension. Portals can be used instead of expensive LMS systems.

discussion forums

Discussion Forums

Add discussion forums to connect members with each other, share ideas, and become more involved in the organization. Set up conversation topics, moderate discussions and remove any conversations that are not appropriate. The forum automatically updates members with new discussion topics and responses.

member application

Member Application

Collect information on potential members to screen and accept applicants or allow automated approval. Data collected during the application process goes into the member CRM. Use the e-commerce engine to charge members’ credit cards on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

hub and spoke

Connected to Other Portals

Connect administrative portals to Convey for content, training & marketing management. Establish members from your administrative systems and give them a seamless experience as they look at content in the portal, then manage other tasks without having to log in and out.

star feedback

Gather Feedback

Create feedback forms and post them anywhere on the portal. You are notified each time a form is filled out. Ask members to update their profile information in the member dashboard to learn more about them. Turn on post reviews for customers to  review content.

catalog segmentation

Types and Groups

Create member types to offer a more personalized content experience. Add member groups for individual members to add or delete others in their organization on the portal. Use types and groups to customize payment, deliver targeted emails and produce custom reports.

track activity

Track Member Activity

The portal records each time a member logs in, visits a content catalog, interacts with posts, registers for an event, or fills out a form. Access activity in portal reports or create your own custom views.