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Cloud Conventions features Venue, the digital engagement
platform that educates and engages audiences
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Digital Engagement Platform

Venue is the premiere virtual platform for events, continuous engagement, online communities, education, connections, marketing, and more. Venue is self-managed, budget-friendly and engages audiences on a continuous basis.

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Venue Platform Features


Easy to use page building tools  create a beautiful platform that is entirely branded from top to bottom.


Fully automated registration system to add members or seamless integration with select 3rd party softwares 


Detailed analytics and reporting track all engagement on the platform with data that can be exported.


Tools to keep attendees immersed and focused for positive experiences that will keep them coming back.


Feature-rich,  branded self-service virtual booths,  promotions and lead capture to maximize ROI.


Email marketing solutions to promote events, deliver reminders or promote activities

Venue Creates Business Solutions

Online Communities

Engage employees or customers in a virtual community

Foster a thriving community by providing year-round access to education, events, and captivating content. Venue provides a virtual platform that both engages and educates members.

Training & Certification

Offer training and certification programs year-round

Venue organizes and delivers training and certification programs to employees and customers in a year-round online environment.  Create and manage live webinar sessions using your Zoom or Teams licenses.  Add video on demand and track views to ensure certification compliance.  Add supporting content to complement your training program.

Member Organizations

Add value to your member organization with an engaging online environment

Give members of association, non-profit or other organizations more reasons to find value in their membership.  Use the digital engagement platform to offer discussion forums, members-only content, training, and host regular conferences and events.  Use the unique Hub and Spoke technology to create portals for your members that are updated from the hub site that holds content, training, videos and more.

Virtual & Hybrid Events, Webinars

Automate delivery of virtual & hybrid events, conferences and webinars

Venue has a complete set of features to manage the most complex virtual event or conference and a simple individual webinar.  Bring your existing Zoom or Teams account to drive sessions or webinars and automate setup, registration, and delivery.  Use the built-in registration tools to add attendees and the email system to keep them updated.  Offer sponsors a feature-rich virtual booth with lead capture.  Add engagement opportunities with forums, gamification and other features.

Portal Networks

Connect portals into a network to be updated from a centralized site

Our unique Hub and Spoke service allow you to create portals from pre-designed templates to standardize the layout and features, then connect them to a hub site that contains digital assets or training.  Add, change or delete assets in the hub and automatically update the spokes.