VARs & System Integrators

Create a wholesale or reseller relationship

Incorporate the Convey portal technology into your offerings and white-label the service as your own. Convey invoices you for the technology and offers support for your organization so you can provide a highly profitable portal program for customers.

Single Sign-on and Member Management API

Companies that manage their members in a 3rd-party site can use the APIs to provide seamless Single Sign-On functionality as well as automated member management. The Single Sign-On API allows members to securely and quickly transition from the 3rd party site to the Convey portal without having to login and out. This makes a Convey portal feel like an extension of the 3rd party site. Additionally, the Manage Members API allows the 3rd party site to automatically deliver member records in the Convey portal so that permission structures and marketing campaigns reflect the most up-to-date information you have on each member.

Customized and Fully Configured

Portals are customized, branded and configured in a matter of days, not weeks or months. The administrative engine has a CRM system and comes complete with a library of standard reports that can be turned into custom reports. Portals are organized into content catalogs allowing different departments to add and manage content. Portals have extensive messaging capabilities to notify and remind portal administrators and their members to take action or of any administrative changes to their accounts. Discussion Forums, email marketing and custom dashboards are only a few of the portal features.

Technology Support & Training

Convey hosts its technology at AWS, ensuring 99.99% uptime, an enterprise-grade level of security, and managed services around the clock for any issues. Convey assigns you an account manager to help interface with development resources to resolve issues, suggest improvements or conduct training. Portal features are easy to use and have online tutorials available to display a hover-over guide as individuals use the technology.

Features & Capabilities

Convey is constantly evolving its portal technology ensuring that all underlying code, plugins, and services are current. New features and improvements are added on a regular basis with our partners given insight into the product roadmap well in advance. If specific features or capabilities are required and not on the roadmap, Convey's development team will offer custom development with fast delivery and reasonable development cost.