The Convey Website

The Convey Services website is built on the Convey platform used by telecommunications & cloud master agents, property & casualty insurance master agency networks and foodservice distributors.

Online Catalogs

All Convey platforms have online catalogs to organize how information is presented to the viewer. The online catalogs are designed as micro-sites with branded headers, banners, web pages, content folders and an event calendar. Industry portals are connected together into a content network where vendors manage and maintain their catalog and selectively duplicate their content across the network.  Platform owners can add catalogs and content directly on their portal and any catalog administrator can change the look and feel of their catalog, upload content, and run reports to track activity.


Convey platforms are customized and branded with graphics, pages, videos and content and can be easily managed and changed without having to be an HTML expert or programmer. The branding on the home page includes a custom header, site background, banner library, web pages and directories, and 3 feature boxes.  Links to content and catalogs are automatically rotated on and off the home page in the featured content section. The home page has a full event calendar to display both virtual and live events.

Message Library

Convey platforms are designed to communicate with its catalog administrators and site members through the message library.  Reminders and notifications are delivered automatically reminding users to login, add content, or access uploaded files.  Custom messages and newsletters help drive traffic to the site using links to catalogs and content.


Behind the scenes all Convey platforms have robust administrative capabilities including a CRM to organize information on catalog owners, site members, or site administrators. The reporting engine details activity on the site by catalog, by content post, by member, and by user. Reports can be viewed online, downloaded or both.

Membership Capabilities

Members on a Convey platform can access the site at no charge or be charged a subscription by the ecommerce engine. Members have dashboards to customize the member experience. Members create profiles, subscribe to catalogs for personal news feeds, and bookmark content.