Episode 31 - The Gift of Insight

We keep you from flying blind and make your decisions count.

For this MicroCast series we are focusing on the topic of gifts.  Now that doesn’t mean we are going to teach you how to find those deals and steals, get you informed about the latest gadgets or help you with the coolest trending Christmas gift.  Rather, we are going to focus on the gifts that Convey’s technology brings to master agents, vendors, carriers and partners to make their business lives easier.

Whenever I think about how old I’m getting, how long I’ve been in business and how much I can no longer do because I’m not built like a 20-year old, I remember that all the time I have spent on Earth has one huge advantage and that is insight.  Insight is something that can come because you’ve had experiences over the years that have taught you to be wiser, more tuned in, and strategic.

Convey also gives you the gift of insight without having to spend all of that time and years developing it.  We are a data collector and organizer of that data to let you know if partners are interested, what they care about and if your message is getting through.  If you take that data and analyze it, then you know what is working and what isn’t so you can adjust and pivot.

Let’s start with who is looking.  You’ve put together an amazing program, spent countless hours developing marketing resources, added good content and were inspired when you created a killer promotion.  But now what?  Wouldn’t it be great to know if things are being looked at, who is looking and how much time they are spending engaged with what you added online?  If you have a Convey catalog or portal, we give you this insight.   If portals are public, then you can see how many views you are collecting on catalog pages, banners or content.   If people are behind a login, you can tell which member is looking and their viewing habits.

And then, what are people looking at?  It’s very informative to know if your message is resonating or being ignored.  It’s also very informative to know which of your portal members are engaged and those that just aren’t looking.  Convey’s reporting system shows you all of the activity for a content catalog as well as each and every piece of content and event inside.  You can see what is being looked at and who is looking if they have logged in. 

Now that you have the insight about what’s working and what’s not, what should you do next?  Remove the clutter of content nobody cares about.  Adjust the promotion so more people care.  Add more case studies if that’s what gets people’s attention.  Spend more time with people that are engaged with you and less time with people that are not inspired by your message or what you sell. Insight lets you adjust.

And are your messages getting through and how they are received?  For all of the complaining about getting too many emails, let me remind you that email outperforms all social medial combined in getting the message out and producing the right ROI. Convey is email centric because most of our users are businesses that rely on email to stay informed.  Convey portals send out notifications, reminders, welcome emails, custom messages and newsletters to portal members.  Portal members use our Conduct marketing tools to deliver promotional email campaigns.

But how do you know if it’s working?  That’s where the insight you get from email reports comes in.  Reports tell you if the email was delivered or if it bounced.  It tells you if it was opened or not read.  Then, we go above and beyond that to let you know if people clicked and how many times they hit those hyperlinks.

So, what insight can you gain from our email reports?  First, you can see if you have a good or bad email list and remove emails that keep bouncing.  If nobody is opening those emails, then consider changing the subject line to make it more inviting to look.   And if nobody clicks through then they aren’t interested in your message or offer, so change it.

And what about ways to get people to let you know how you are doing? There is nothing that compares to hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. Convey gives you plenty of ways to get feedback.  Turn on reviews in a portal and people can rate your content and make comments. Add feedback forms and solicit peoples’ opinions about how you are doing and what you could do better.  Insight comes not just from data, but from interactions with the people you want to influence.


You can’t be strategic unless you have insight.  You can’t adjust what’s not working if you don’t know what those things are.  Convey is built to give you the gift of insight.  We let you know if people are coming in to take a look, what they look at, and if your messages are getting through.  We let people communicate directly with you through reviews and surveys so you can get the message unfiltered.   The gift of insight is an invaluable tool so you don’t waste time and resources doing things that aren’t going to work.