Episode 27 - The Gifts That Keep On Giving

Explore how where to find those gifts in our services.

This time of year, we are obsessed over gift giving.  We’ve now been through Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday trying to find just the right gifts for what seems like an ever-expanding list of people that expect them.  What makes this time much more stressful is the gift buying season happens to be shorter this year based on the limited number of shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

When those of us at Convey thought about this gift giving season, we remember you, the customers who give us the gift of your trust, your support, your participation in educating your audiences and your marketing dollars that make what we do possible. Those gifts come to us all year long and we thank and appreciate you for your business and friendship.

We’d like to take the time in this MicroCast series to look at the gifts that using our technology brings to you, your businesses and the partners and producers that use our services to help them be better at serving their customers.

One of the most precious, and often overlooked presents that we all need is the gift of more time.  I’ve watched my master agent friends work long hours to manage all of the activities it takes to run their business.  They are on the phone countless hours helping sales partners and producers close business, connecting with their carriers and vendors, processing commissions or resolving issues.  The time drain applies to vendors and carriers as they jet around the country, meeting with partners and customers and getting more of them to develop relationships.  Time in the industries we serve is precious and often in short supply.

Every day, Convey delivers the gift of more time by reducing the time it takes to distribute content, automate processes, managing messaging and outreach, and consolidating content in one place to eliminate wasted time searching all over the internet for what people need to serve their customers.

Convey adds tools that helps you manage programs, marketing and messaging. My husband is the ultimate tool guy with a gadget for everything from tools that let him build things, repair stuff that breaks or manage just about any landscaping need.  In fact, he likes tools so much, we have duplicates of them across two houses.  And I’ll admit, I like tools as well.  Alexa is a tool that lets me stay put while she turns on the lights, TV, tells me the time and lets me order stuff.   And I have my own color coordinated tool kit to hang pictures and fix stuff.

Convey likes tools as well and we’ve built quite a few of them into our portals.  Our tools let you market to independent agents and let them market to customers.  We built in tools to get people’s feedback, analyze what people are interested in and let you know if they login, look around and click.  We have tools to manage your data, keep your contacts organized and remind you to do stuff.   If you like tools, then our portals and catalogs are like one giant toolbox with things that you can use to build, repair and renew.

And who doesn’t like gifts that make you more efficient.  I know tons of people who obsess over watching Marie Kondo show you how to fold things, organizers that keep clutter at bay, or gadgets that help you go faster and do more with less.  If you are efficient, you are likely much more effective in both your personal and business life.

Convey is built to give you the gift of efficiency.  Because we are a small company, we built technology to be automated, manage processes without you having to intervene, onboard and manage partners, remind and message, and manage your communication and marketing.  For many items in our portals or catalogs, you can just set it and forget it!

Last but not least is the gift of insight.  Whenever I think about how old I’m getting, how long I’ve been in business and how much I can no longer do because I’m not built like a 20-year old, I remember that all that time I have spent on Earth has one huge advantage and that is of insight.  Insight is something that can come because you’ve had experience over the years that have taught you to be wiser, more tuned in, and strategic.

Convey also gives you the gift of insight without having to spend all of the time and years developing it.  We are a data collector and organizer of that data to let you know if partners are interested, what they care about and if your message is getting through.  If you take that data, and analyze it, then you know what is working and what isn’t so you can adjust and pivot.


So, while you’re busy hunting down the perfect gift, ordering online and making sure your loved ones have the perfect package, it’s time to give yourself a gift and think about how technology is making it so much easier to do business.  Six years ago, when we started Convey, nobody was using portals and master agents, vendors, carriers and sales agents were going through this lengthy process of getting marketing materials and incentives into their hands.   We’re happy to have given our industries and all of you that work with us the gift of time, the tools to run your business, more ways to be efficient and the knowledge you need to be strategic.

We appreciate you and enjoy watching you unwrap Convey’s gifts each and every day throughout the year.