Episode 29 - The Gift of Tools

Explore the tools that make your channel life easier.

During the holiday season, we are focusing on gifts.  Not those deals and steals, cyber bargains or doorbusters, but the gifts that Convey’s technology brings to master agents, vendors, carriers and partners to make their business lives easier.  Today is tool time. Everyone has a tool guy in their life like my husband who has a gadget for everything to build things, repair stuff that breaks or manage just about any landscaping need.  He always says that what he doesn’t have one of, he has two of them.

Convey likes tools as well and we’ve built quite a few of them into our portals.  Our tools let you market to partners and let them market to customers.  We built in tools to get people’s feedback, analyze what people are interested in and let you know if they login, look around and click.  We have tools to manage your data, keep your contacts organized and remind you to do stuff.   If you like tools, then our portals and catalogs are like one giant toolbox with things that you can use to build, repair and renew.

Let’s start with our portal marketing toolkit.  To us, marketing means getting the word out and in the hands of the right audience, making your offer clear and getting people to respond.  And we have lots of tools to do the job.  If you own one of our portals, you have a message library with automation built right in, so you don’t have to grind it out creating and delivering messages.  The library has automated notifications, reminders and welcome emails that talk to your audience automatically.  Those messages remind portal members to login if they have been inactive too long, let them know that they have a file waiting, or have a new marketing campaign ready for them to look at.  Newsletters are automated.  Create one and add sections, put it on a schedule, and then it automatically goes out with links back to new content and events.

And we don’t forget about portal members.  We created marketing tools that members can use to deliver content from the portal in just one touch or run a sophisticated marketing campaign created for them with no creativity or work needed.  When a piece of content is added to the portal, there is a 1-touch email share button.  When a viewer presses the button, their email client pops up with a landing page link to view the content letting them send it out with a personal message.  It’s a great tool to share case studies, marketing materials or product information.

Then there’s the toolkit every salesperson wants under their tree, Conduct.  This tool lets portal owners create email marketing campaigns with 4 outbound emails and a landing page and delivers it right to the members’ dashboards in the portal.  Salespeople open up the campaign, set a schedule for delivery, add their list and out the door it goes.  All their emails and landing pages are branded for them and they have reports to see who is opening, clicking and signing up.

Who doesn’t love organizers, right? There are quite a few of us that like to straighten our drawers, declutter our closets and watch Marie Kondo tell us how to fold clothes.  Convey has lots of tools to keep you organized, reduce the chaos and clutter, and save you time looking for things.  Let’s start with our CRM tools built right inside each portal.  We “decluttered” big CRMs like Salesforce, created a simple tool that anyone can use, and made it perform the most common tasks like holding data, creating notes, assigning tasks and running reports.  We have a CRM to hold member data, another one to keep track of administrators in the portal, and a prospect CRM with an automated way to get prospects into the hands of salespeople.  It’s a business organizer’s dream.

So back to portal members.  We didn’t forget about them.  We built a contact manager inside of our Conduct service for members to add and manage their contacts with easy to customize fields, ways to organize contacts into lists, and tools to let the person know if they’ve opted out of campaigns.  Upload contacts or add them one at a time...the keyword here is simple and easy.

And what about keeping your schedule organized?  That’s where personalized calendars for members come in.  Members can login to their dashboard, go to their calendar and see events on the site, those that the portal owner added, and ones they can add themselves.  They get a series of reminders, so they get email and text messages to remind them to show up and even synch their member calendar with the one they use for business.

Here's another tool in the toolkit, an automated content delivery system.  Most of our portal owners and almost all of our vendors who own content catalogs belong to an industry network. That means they can take advantage of automating delivery and managing content across many different portals.  Add content to a catalog and it can go downstream instantly to all portals that the catalog is connected to inside of a network.

And I’m sure some of you love data. You like to see data organized neatly into spreadsheets so you can slice and dice it to get the insight you are looking for.  And that brings us to report tools.  Our technology is always collecting data on everything from how often a person logs in, to what content is being looked at or to how emails were delivered and who opened or clicked.  All of those report tools come neatly boxed up and ready to go and there for the person who wants to get a handle on what’s going on with their information so they can make adjustments.


So, who doesn’t like tools, right?  And when you get them they are a present that keeps on giving as they are used.   Convey has an entire tool chest full of great tools to help you message portal members automatically, deliver marketing campaigns, organize your program, automate the way you deliver content or analyze data.  It’s “tool time” at Convey.