Press Release

Convey Releases Conduct™ Campaign in Beta

New Email Marketing Campaign Solution Designed for Channel Sales

Atlanta, GA - June 6, 2018 - Convey Services today released Conduct™, a new email marketing campaign platform designed for indirect and channel sales organizations. Conduct is a SaaS-based marketing solution that is integrated into Convey online portals used by master agents in the telecom, cloud & Internet of Things (IoT) markets, foodservice distributors and master agency networks in property & casualty insurance. Conduct delivers pre-packaged marketing campaigns directly into the online accounts of sales partners and producers that are members of Convey platforms. Campaigns are created by selected suppliers, carriers and vendors with each email campaign branded for the individual Conduct user. Campaigns come with multiple email messages and a customized sign-up page to collect responses. Agents simply add their contacts, choose an email campaign, review the content and schedule the campaign to launch. Conduct Beta will be available for a limited time as a free trial for enrolled agents.