Convey Services


New Backend Redesign & More

Convey Services is launching a whole new experience in 2022!

Starting on January 5th 2022, Convey Services will be introducing the first of many changes to improve the look and feel of all our platforms. The most significant change is the complete redesign of the backend administration area for both Site Owners and Catalog Administrators.

Whats changing:

  • Easy side bar navigation
  • Full width backend and page optimization
  • New branding and cleaner design
  • New online help center

Easy Side Bar Navigation

Our traditional tile boxes are going away and our navigation is being moved to an intuitive and easy to use side bar, so that you can travel anywhere in the backend in fewer clicks.

Full Width Backend

The administrative backend width will now fit any screensize to maximize each page and make areas easier to manage. 

New Branding & Cleaner Design

Our tiles, boxes, and pages within the backend now have a cleaner, more sophisticated look. The new backend experience is designed with the user in mind to easily understand and identify important areas within each page.

New Online Help Center

Our technology has many great features and now we have a way to explore them all. Coming soon will be a searchable online database of articles and walk-throughs to learn about our features with informative articles and screenshots.