About Cloud Conventions

Cloud Conventions is the Platform for Virtual Events, Conferences & Trade Shows

Cloud Conventions is an automated platform that manages everything needed to execute a flawless virtual event, trade show or conference. Unlike other platforms that are designed primarily for simple webinars or streamed single events, Cloud Conventions creates a rich, interactive environment for attendees, a multi-faceted way to promote vendors and sponsors, and complete management for sessions, speakers and keynotes.  Cloud Conventions manages both a single or multi-day event.  Visit the Cloud Conventions Portal

Turnkey or Self-Managed

Based on the complexity of the event and the requirements of the organization, a Cloud Conventions event can be fully managed by our event team, partially managed, or managed by your organization. A Cloud Conventions portal comes fully branded and configured for your event with the option of having our team manage sponsors, sessions, attendees or produce customized and advanced graphics.  The portal is easy to manage by a non-technical staff member.

Fully Automated

Cloud Conventions automates processes to register and manage attendees, create and manage virtual booths, and manage sessions or speakers.  The fully featured platform has a sophisticated email engine to generate campaigns to attract attendees, notify & remind attendees to engage in activities, and to send custom messages and newsletters.  All activity is recorded in pre-designed reports to attract attendee engagement and exhibitor activity.

Engaging Experiences

Cloud Conventions gives individuals the experience the enjoy from live events with opportunities for live interaction with vendors, networking with each other, or ways to exchange ideas and strategies.  The portal increases attendee engagement through virtual swag, points for prizes, contests, and social breaks during the day or for an evening happy hour.  Attendees leave a Cloud Conventions event informed, motivated and inspired.

Delivers the Right ROI

Virtual shows and conferences are executed at a fraction of the cost of a live event creating a strong ROI opportunity for both the event host and their sponsors. Form new relationships, deepen existing ones and create calls to action. Detailed reports show attendee interaction and engagement with advertising, content, sessions and promotions. Attendees have multiple opportunities to share their contact information, request meetings, jump into live chat or engage with sponsors.

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