Industry Networks

Convey’s portal technology connects stand-alone portals into an industry network where content, graphics and marketing are managed centrally and delivered to the portals that are connected.

Industry associations, member groups, or other affinity groups can offer portals to their membership, populate them with content or training, and update the portals throughout the network.

8 Reasons to Create a Convey Industry Network

Elevate the industry’s brand

Association members struggle to maintain even the most basic website and usually don’t have the staff to keep it updated or add content. Poorly designed and maintained websites reflect badly on the industry if members have a subpar online presence. Convey portals have a standardized look and feel and graphics and content can be delivered from a centralized portal to keep them current.

Fund your organization

Convey portals are designed as a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription program. Get a wholesale price from Convey and invoice association members or receive a commission if they pay Convey directly. Add on revenue comes from other services the industry association can provide such as content, advertising and banner production, videos, or email marketing campaigns delivered through the portal.

Digital Experience Platform

Convey’s portal technology is unique and designed to create a digital experience platform for customers, channel partners, or employees. Portal services can transform a business by deepening the customer relationship, opening up marketing options, and increasing efficiency by having everything organized in one online location.

Generate new customers or members

Portal owners have a unique marketing technology built into the portal called Conduct. Conduct allows you to create email marketing campaigns in a centralized portal, deliver them to member portals and allow members to run those campaigns to generate new members or sponsors for their association or non-profit.

Get expert guidance

Convey has years of delivering portals to businesses in a variety of industries and can teach you what works how portals are configured, branded, and organized. We know how to use the technology to engage members, increase portal traffic, and get the best business results for your clients.

Flexible portal management

Convey can manage the portal for members or the association can charge a management fee as part of the portal subscription. Once a portal is set up, the automation rotates content on and off the home page, adds posts to directories, generates recurring newsletters and on-boards new members automatically.

Top notch training

You will have a personal trainer to make sure you not only know how to use the features but know the strategy behind each feature’s intent and how it helps the customer accomplish their goals. Training is also built into the administrative section with tutorials and hover over text.

Product Roadmap

Association and industry partners get advanced notice on new features, improvements and capabilities on the product roadmap. Have an opportunity to weigh in on what your clients need to create the best user experience possible.

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