Referral Partners

Partners that want their clients to have an independent, standalone relationship with Convey for portal services can refer clients and receive a commission as long as the client maintains his portal subscription or licensing arrangement with Convey.

Convey will assist in or entirely manage the sales process, deliver a customized portal to the client and be responsible for the on-going client relationship.

Online Customer Resource Centers

Convey’s customer resource centers help customers find the content & training they need, keep them engaged, get their feedback, and gain insight on their interests. Customer portals are easily connected to other administrative portals for a single-sign on experience allowing customers to place orders or manage administrative tasks and then come to Convey for knowledge and training.

Content & Marketing Intranets

Content & Marketing Intranets provide employees with one location to find the content, tools, and training they need with a Convey content and marketing intranet. Convey’s portal connects to in-house systems for single sign on and managing the employee database. The content management system organizes content into catalogs allowing different departments to maintain their segment of the intranet and add content and training.

Profit Centers

Organizations that depend on revenue generated from advertising, sponsorships, subscriptions or marketing development funds use Convey portals as profit centers. Portals manage member subscriptions and collect membership fees. They offer advertising slots through banner and sponsored ads. They promote vendors to an audience through content catalogs, featured content or home page placements. Vendors can sponsor Conduct email campaigns or organizations can use Conduct to help members sell their services.

Associations and Member Organizations

Non-profits and associations manage members, provide content, offer training, increase member engagement, and generate revenue from sponsorships and advertising with a Convey membership portal. Because Convey portals are networked together, member organizations can offer content portals to their membership and feed those portals with content and training from a centralized hub site.

Trends in Portal Technology

Portal technology is evolving from disparate autonomous platforms to integrated networks of knowledge