Partner Program

Convey's partner program fits many different business models enabling partners to find the right solution for their needs

Partners can refer and let Convey manage the customer, fully own the customer relationship, deliver portals as an agency marketing service, or use the portal networking capability to create industry networks.

Referral Partners

Partners that want their clients to have an independent, standalone relationship with Convey for portal services refer clients and receive a commission as long as the client maintains his portal subscription or licensing arrangement with Convey. Convey will assist in or entirely manage the sales process, deliver a customized portal to the client and be responsible for the on-going client relationship.

Value Added Reseller or System Integrator

Value Added Resellers (VARs) or system integrators own 100% of the client relationship and bundle the Convey portal technology into their own product or service to create a unified offering. This relationship works best if the VAR or system integrator has technology designed to manage functions such as administration, commissions or quoting and needs to add content and marketing to their product bundle.

Agency Partners

Convey portal services are designed to inform, educate and inspire a target audience to engage with an organization. Portals have integrated email marketing services designed to have campaigns created centrally and distributed to portal members for delivery to customers or prospects. Agency partners can offer a vast array of design, production and marketing services by customizing and branding the portal look and feel, creating and delivering content, and customizing and managing email marketing campaigns.

Industry Associations

Convey’s portal technology connects stand-alone portals into a network where content, graphics and marketing are managed centrally and delivered to the portals that are connected. Industry associations, member groups, or other affinity groups can offer portals to their membership, populate them with content or training, and update the portals throughout the network.