Convey for Foodservice is a no cost online resource center for foodservice distributors who want to increase profit, differentiate themselves in the market, and better direct the sales activity of the DSR. The center is fully managed, funded by and updated by suppliers and contains rebates and coupons, product updates, sell sheets, recipes, training and insights.

How does the program work?

Foodservice distributors get a customized portal for the exclusive use of their company. The portal is branded and customized for the distributor. Suppliers are invited to maintain an online portfolio where they can upload contact information, product information, sell sheets, recipes, coupons, rebates and training that will be consumed online or available to email to operators.

Who pays for it and how much does it cost?

Foodservice distributors run the program as a marketing profit center and negotiate a subscription price with each supplier to participate in the program. With a minimum number of suppliers participating, the program is at no cost to the distributor and becomes an increasingly large profit center as the program expands.

Who is the audience for the portal?

Distributors can use the program to inform and engage their district sales representatives, managers, category managers and purchasing. In addition, the program is ideal for the distributor's customers who need new ideas, to see the latest trends, and to take advantage of rebates and coupons. The site can be segmented so that employees see content that the operators do not see.

What are the key benefits of Convey for Foodservice?

The Convey program saves the DSR significant time in finding and consuming content that they need to do their job. The email system allows the DSR to selectively deliver content by email to their operators. Suppliers can efficiently deliver content and find ways to engage and educate the DSR. Distributors can deliver a program for their operators to offer value that their competitors cannot.

How do suppliers deliver information?

Convey maintains an administrative platform called Convey Foodservice. Suppliers manage their online portfolios in this centralized location and duplicate content to Convey distributor platforms with the touch of a button. Convey Foodservice has a sophisticated reporting engine to help the supplier analyze how their content is being consumed.