Convey for Foodservice is a no cost online resource center for foodservice distributors who want to increase profit, differentiate themselves in the market, and better direct sales activity. The resource center is fully managed, updated by suppliers and contains rebates and coupons, product updates, sell sheets, recipes, training and insights.

How does the program work?

Foodservice distributors get a customized and branded online resource center. Suppliers are invited by the distributor to maintain an online portfolio where they add their sales contacts, product information, sell sheets, recipes, coupons, rebates and training to be viewed by the distributor’s sales organization and their operators.  The site can be segmented so that employees see content that the operators do not see.

Who pays for it and how much does it cost?

There are two financial models, both generating a profit.  Distributors can run the program as a marketing profit center and negotiate a subscription price with each supplier to participate in the program.  Convey charges the distributor a wholesale rate per supplier and the difference between the wholesale rate and the subscription price becomes the distributors’ profit.

The marketplace model is used for distributors who add their operators to their portal and offer additional services to those operators through Convey’s Channel Accelerator program.  Operators will now have access to business lines of credit, insurance for restaurants, point of sales systems, marketing services or technology needed to run their restaurant.  Distributors take a percentage of the revenue and have no wholesale cost for suppliers to participate.

What are the key benefits of Convey for Foodservice?

The Convey program saves sales significant time for suppliers who can now efficiently deliver content and training and sales who now have one place to find and consume content that they need to do their job. Distributors can value that to their operators that differentiates them from the competition.  Convey for Foodservice acts as a revenue accelerator to promote product and sell additional services that operators need.