Investor Relations

Convey is a cloud-based platform that hosts and delivers content, training & events and generates revenue from subscriptions, purchases or advertising. Convey Channel Programs connect suppliers to revenue producers in their indirect distribution channels providing access to product information and training to create calls to action and drive revenue. Convey's Platform as a Profit Center (PaaPC™) generates revenue from supplier subscriptions, membership fees, advertising revenue, and ecommerce. Cloud Conventions™ are virtual expos managed entirely on the Convey platform. Unlike traditional trade shows, a Cloud Convention is easy and inexpensive to manage, can run for any length of time, requires no travel and can be attended 24 X 7.

In September 2016, Convey launched Align™ a new cloud-based Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and channel marketing solution. Align informs, educates and engages sales partners and helps them market to prospects and customers. Each Align portal manages onboarding, automated reminders and updates, organizes and tracks partners inside a detailed reporting and administrative structure.

Convey launched its first Channel Program in 2014 to master agents and their suppliers in the telecommunications and cloud industry and then to insurance master agency networks. Platform as a Profit Center (PaaPC) launched to the foodservice industry in 2015. The first Cloud Conventions was held in March 2016 in the telecommunications and cloud space. Licensing opportunities are available in select vertical markets.

For information on investment, licensing and partnering relationships contact Bruce Ahern, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at (770) 580-0810