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Website vs portal

Portal or Website Network

Create a portal network to deliver content, training & marketing to multiple organizations.  Use portals as websites to upgrade online presence and add capabilities to inform, engage and market.  

Partner relationship management system

Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

Automate how you manage partners and Inform, educate and inspire those partners with a portal to help them learn about your services and sell them effectively.

customer resources online

Customer Resource Centers

Help customers find the content & training they need, keep them engaged, offer new services and increase their loyalty.  Connect customer resource centers to other platforms such as order entry using the Convey API.

rise in statistics

Content and Marketing Intranets

Connect administrative portals to add individuals to the Convey intranet and provide your employees with a single sign on experience to find the content, tools, and training they need.


Associations and Non-Profits

Non-profits and associations use Convey portals to manage members, provide content, offer training, increase member engagement, and generate revenue from sponsorships and advertising.

increase profits

Portals as a Profit Center

Let companies advertise and engage your membership to generate revenue or secure marketing development dollars.  Create member subscriptions to generate monthly revenue.  Offer portals as a standardized website with a continuous content feed.

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