Convey Insurance links the portals of master agency groups in property and casualty insurance into a network for carriers and vendors to update and educate their independent agency members about their product lines.

Because independent agents represent multiple carriers and choose from hundreds of product lines to serve their corporate and individual customers, it is much more efficient to organize and provide information in a single online location.

Without a Convey portal, agency owners and producers had to navigate multiple carrier websites or dig through emails to locate appetite guides, underwriting guidelines, product information, and marketing materials. Portals allow that information to be collected in one online location, searchable, and easily accessible.

Connected to Administrative Portals

Collect information on potential members to screen and accept applicants or allow automated approval. Data collected during the application process goes into the member CRM. Use the e-commerce engine to charge members’ credit cards on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Drive Traffic to the Portal

Use the Message Library to remind members to log in, look at content that is new, register for webinars or participate in forums. The Message Library produces newsletters with links to content to keep members coming back to the portal.

Manage Members

The member CRM holds data on each individual member. Members can update their profile adding that data into the CRM. Add notes on action items and assign tasks. The member API connects the portal to other applications for a single-sign-on experience.

Training Webinars

Add training webinars, promote them and register individuals. Record the trainings for future reference. Add training content, track individuals that access it, and deliver quizzes to assess comprehension.

Types & Groups

Create member types to offer a more personalized content experience. Add member groups for individual members to add or delete others in their organization on the portal. Use types and groups to customize payment, deliver targeted emails and produce custom reports.

Generate Revenue

Sell memberships and manage payment. Offer paid training courses. Sell advertising, content catalogs, or marketing campaigns to corporate sponsors who want to reach your members.

Engage Members with Forums

Add discussion forums to connect members with each other, share ideas, and become more involved in the organization. Set up conversation topics, moderate discussions and remove any conversations that are not appropriate. The forum automatically updates members with new discussion topics and responses.

Track Member Activity

The portal records each time a member logs in, visits a content catalog, interacts with posts, registers for an event, or fills out a form. Activity is available inside the reporting system and reports can be easily customized.

Should you build or buy a portal?