Hub & Spoke

Convey connects portals into a network with its unique Hub & Spoke technology. Content, training or marketing assets are posted on a hub site and delivered to spoke site portals connected to the network.

Benefits of Hub & Spoke

Creates efficiency

Rather than post content to portals one at a time, hub & spoke lets you add it once on the hub site then duplicate it to spoke portals in the network.  Deliver messaging, marketing and training to a large audience with a minimum amount of staff.

Gives Insight into Activity

When viewers or members interact with content catalogs, individual posts or event invitations, the hub and spoke technology records those interactions, consolidates the data on the hub site and makes it available in intelligent reports.  Members of portals in the network that use Conductâ„¢ for email campaigns have the success of those campaigns reported on the hub site.

Delivers a Consistent Message

Hub & Spoke help companies deliver a consistent message because content, training, and events are controlled on the hub site and delivered to the spoke portals.  This ensures consistency and control over the company messaging.

Keeps Content Refreshed.

Not all organizations have the ability to create and refresh content.  Hub & Spoke allows these organizations to be fed a constant stream of new content from the hub site.

Delivers Marketing Campaigns

The Conductâ„¢ service, integrated with all portals, allows the creation of email marketing campaigns on the hub site, then delivers those campaigns to portals in the network where portal owners can make them available for members of those portals.