Marketing as a Service

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Custom Site Management & Marketing from Convey

Leverage the power of your Convey platform to engage and inspire your sales partners through the Marketing as a Service Program. Start with a customized marketing plan, messaging strategy, sales campaigns, and the analytics to show how your partners are engaging with you and your providers.

Continuous engagement

Keeps agents focused, interested, and selling.

Reduce marketing expense

Save money by eliminating redundant services

Focused sales campaigns

Deliver the campaign from the Convey site and analyze results

Reduce Hassle

Improve your results by letting Convey manage the entire process

Outsource marketing

Keep staff focused on managing relationships & selling

Low Cost - High Impact

Engage and target your audience at a very low cost

Marketing as a Service

Convey acts as your marketing team, managing custom messaging to your partners, creating sales campaigns with your featured providers, refreshing site content and graphics, and analyzing partner response.

  • Convey customizes messaging from the site delivering reminders, notifications, newsletters or announcements.
  • Convey acts as an intermediary to solicit providers to create structured sales campaigns, schedule & manage those campaigns and ensure the right result.
  • Based on the calendar of events, special promotions, or sales focus, Convey will add custom banners & graphics to the home page and create events or content posts on a regular basis.
  • Create and maintain member dashboards with changing collections of posts or catalogs to focus partner attention.
  • Create and deliver webinars for the site owner, managing the promotion, registrations and reminders.
  • Provide regular updates on partner engagement to adjust strategy if needed.

Low Cost, High Impact

The Marketing as a Service program gives you high touch support, customized messaging, and marketing through your Convey platform with feedback and analysis for a low monthly subscription. Get sophisticated marketing, eliminate redundant services and get great results.

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