The Platform

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Centralized Content Delivery
Content and catalogs can be managed from a centralized administrative platform called a hub site. Catalog administrators add banners, pages, images, content and events to the hub and then selectively duplicate those elements to spoke sites that their catalog appears on.
Online Catalogs
Online catalogs are designed to promote the supplier, deliver content, and offer training. Catalogs come complete with a custom header, banner libraries, web pages, event calendar, and content folders.

Site Management
Convey sites are easily customized including the branding of the home page, configuring site options, setting up the CRM, and adding applications. Convey trains the organization to manage the site but is also available for training or to manage the site on behalf of the organization.

Reporting and Analytics
Site and catalog owners can track viewer and member activity on a Convey site to see what content is being viewed or downloaded. Other reports track advertising activity, deliver form data, or event registrations.

Site Access
Convey sites can be viewable by the general public, or accessed with a login. Sites can be connected to another online system through single sign on integration.

Convey CRM
Turn the Convey platform into a CRM system to manage member or catalog information. Add and organize custom fields into sections, then view and download data in custom reports. The Convey CRM comes with each platform and is easy to configure and manage.

Create and add a member application to add new members to the Convey platform. Or add and manage members from an external system by integrating with Convey's flexible API. The Convey ecommerce engine can take payment for different membership levels and track how they engage with the platform.
API Integration
Use the Convey API to integrate an external platform to Convey for Single Sign on or Membership Management. The Convey API is easy to work with minimizing development time.
The Posting Process
Adding content or events to Convey can be accomplished in a single step. Add information about the post, keywords and upload a file. More advanced options let you schedule a post, add a bio, or add it to selected spoke sites.