Convey is a revenue accelerator for channel markets by becoming the expressway that connects vendors to indirect sellers and sellers to their customers.  Our connected network of online marketing and content portals informs, educates and engages sellers with vendor content, training and events and offers complete email marketing campaigns for sellers to deliver to their customers and prospects to accelerate leads, deal flow and revenue.

Convey Services was formed in 2013 as a spin off from Copper Services, a web and audio conferencing company, that served over 3,000 corporate clients. Development of the online portal and marketing technology began in 2011 under Copper and continued once the company was formed in 2013. Convey launched its focus on indirect sales channels in 2014 and expanded into the telecom, insurance and foodservice markets.

Convey's online portal technology is deployed by channel sales organizations to give their revenue producers a single destination for content, online training, and vendor information.  Channel organizations invite vendors to maintain an online content catalog for their product information, promotions, training and events.  Online catalogs are managed in a centralized location allowing content to be duplicated across multiple platforms.

In 2018 Convey launched Conduct™, a unique email campaign technology designed for sellers to deliver  email campaigns to their customers and prospects.  Campaigns are created for the sellers, delivered to their Conduct™ accounts, and allow sellers to select their contact list to receive the email outreach, secured behind Conduct’s ListLock™ technology.